Print Marketing for Fundraisers and Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations often face strong head winds as they try to raise money for worthy causes. In the face of a challenging economy and increasing competition for  organic printing

 dwindling donations, well crafted printed promotional materials can help communicate an effective message to potential donors.

Brochures can be successfully used to raise awareness about a particular cause, and also help promote different fund raising activities. When soliciting donations, it is important to provide information about the nature of the campaign and demonstrate how prospective donors can help make a difference. Identifying the specific channels where resources will be applied can alleviate contributor’s concerns and reveal the positive results that the charitable organization expects to achieve.

Creating an Effective Brochure for Fundraisers

Careful consideration should be used during the development phase of a fundraiser brochure. The primary objective is to elicit an intellectual and emotional reaction that compels a person to become committed to the cause. There are several elements that can be crafted into the brochure to enhance its overall effectiveness.

Define the Fundraiser’s Objective: This includes clearly explaining the purpose of the fundraiser and outlining both the financial and humanitarian goals. Reputable studies and statistics that frame the problem can prove helpful in confirming the importance of the issue.

Use High Quality Photos: Photographs send a powerful message to the reader. In any brochure for fundraising, displaying pictures that illustrate the nature of the problem can be very influential. Action photos showing members of the charity or foundation at work can inspire people to join or contribute. To enhance the legitimacy of the cause or organization, the use of high resolution photographs taken by a professional photographer is highly recommended.

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